How to get to Poiana Brasov?

One can get to Poiana Brasov by (personal) car, by taxi, by using public transport, by bicycle or, why not, on foot.

Driving the car to Poiana Brasov

In order to drive to Poiana Brasov, you have to follow the ‘centre’ path, which is signalled at every town entrance or important crossroads. As you get close to the city centre you will find traffic signs to Poiana Brasov. The distance between Brasov and Poiana Brasov is of approximately 12 kilometres and it is reachable within 15-20 minutes.

Zona „Livada Poștei”, Brașov

If you are driving from Bucharest there are two possible ways to get to Poiana Brasov: either through the city of Brasov or via the route Predeal-Pârâul Rece-Râșnov (31 kilometres driven in approximately 36 minutes. If you choose the second option, right after the Predeal road bridge you have to turn left (according to the Râșnov-Valea Râșnoavei street traffic sign). Once you reach Râșnov, follow the direction to Râșnov Citadel/Poiana Brașov.

Both the road from Brașov and the one from Râșnov are very well maintained and it is little likely that they be closed due to snow. A few times a year, these roads host car racing  competitions (mountain track speed rally) and on these occasions, car access can be forbidden for a few hours.

parkingCar Parking in Poiana Brasov can be done in ‘the big parking lot’ right at the resort entrance, or in any of the other designed parking spaces, for 12 lei per day. The payment is done directly to the personnel hired by the parking lot administrator, with no tax machines available.  The public parking lot which is the closest to the cable cars is the one next to ‘Rossignol Club’, but the parking places are limited and usually there are no available parking spaces after 10:30 A.M. when skiing can be practiced. Another parking lot which is close to the ‘big cable car’ is the private parking of the ‘Sportul’ hotel. This parking lot is free to use and free of charge outside the ski season and barrier signalled and chargeable during the ski season.

During very busy days-usually around the winter holidays, there are (rather seldom) situations when the Traffic Police blocks car access from ‘Livada Poștei’ to Poiana Brașov, if all parking lots of the resort are taken. In this given situation, the only drivers who are allowed to continue their road to Poiana Brașov are the ones who can make proof of the fact that they have booked accommodation in the resort. A multi-storey parking is in project near ‘Poiana Mică’ and the access to the ski slopes is to be done with special buses.

Public Transportation to Poiana Brasov

RAT Brasov (the local public transportation company) assures regular transport from Brașov to Poiana Brașov via a dedicated bus line (number 20), with the departure line in ‘Livada Poștei’ (close to the historic city centre.) The frequency of departures is of every 30 minutes (sharp and half past). The first departure is at 6:00 in the morning during the working week and 6:30 during weekends and legal holidays. The last departure is at midnight. The road has 12 bus station stops and it takes approximately 30 minutes. The arrival is done in the only bus station of the resort, in ‘the big parking lot’. The price of a bus ride is of 3, 5 lei.


Starting from November 29th 2013 an experimental bus line, ‘Poiana Express’ runs in Brașov. It makes a fast, direct connection between the Brasov Railway station and Poiana Brașov. The buses run on this line on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, every hour. The price of a bus ride is of 5,5 lei, which is cheaper than two separate rides- from the Railway Station to Livada Poștei and from Livada Poștei to Poiana Brașov.

Access with the bike on bus number 20 is currently forbidden, although in the past it was possible to pay a separate ride on account of the bike.

For more information on Brașov public transport please see

By taxi in Poiana Brașov

A taxi ride is very convenient in Brașov, with taxes ranging from 1.33 to 1.74 lei/km. The taxis in Brașov are clearly signalled and the tax is posted on the front doors of the car. The drivers almost always use charging units and release a receipt. The best known taxi companies in Brașov are MARTAX, RO TAXI. TOD TAXI AND BRATAX.

Tip: the BRATAX company is well-known for its new cars and mannered drivers, at minimum costs, nonetheless. It may be difficult to find an available car, due to the increasing demand and the relatively low number of cars. However, the dispatchers can send you a MARTAX car if there is nothing else available and if you agree.

The cost of a taxi ride to Poiana Brașov is of approximately 20-25 lei.

By bike or on foot to Poiana Brașov

The best way to get to Poiana Brașov by bike without being disturbed by traffic is to use the roads which start from ‘Pietrele lui Solomon’(Solomon’s Cliffs)  and are known as ‘Drumul vechi’ (The old road) and Drumul forestier(the Forest Road)

Drumul vechi al Poienii’ (The old road) was used by cars until 1966, when the new road, starting from Livada Poștei was rendered functional. It is now used as a tourist road, which is very popular among the locals or the tourists who want to go for a walk from Brașov to Poiana Brașov. The road is 3.5 kilometres long  and it takes about 50-60 minutes on foot and 30-40 minutes by bike. Drumul vechi al Poienii crosses the new road in Poiana Mică and continues parrallel to the new road, through the forest.

Drumul Forestier (the Forest Road) is another road on which you can either use the bike or go on foot. It has its starting point in Pietrele lui Solomon (Solomon’s cliffs) as well, on the left side of the old road and it is longer than the former. By taking this road, you will get to Poiana Brașov straight on the ‘Bradul’ ski slope, and you can continue the roadtrip on ‘Drumul Roșu’ up to the ‘Postavarul’ cabin.

Obviously, in Poiana Brașov you can also ride the bike on the concrete. If you are a fan of pedalling on the roadway, please find below a sample of what you shall encounter. Video


From the ‘Otopeni’  airport to Poiana Brașov

Starting from the 14th of December 2013, a bus line assuring the transfer of tourists from the ‘Henri Coandă’ International Airport to Poiana Brașov is functional.  For more details click here

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